Unconfirmed sighting

My Dear Boo,

May I call on you straight away? I am quite put about by something that has just happened and cannot sit in my own rooms for another minute. If you do not send word straight back I shall most probably go on the Heath. I dislike the Heath for many reasons but it will be diverting, I suppose. Please let me come to you instead.

Do you remember me telling you about the Girl being on loan to one of Josiah’s associates while we are in Town? I had almost forgotten about her, save for wondering whether she will be free to return to Blindingham with us when we leave, but I am convinced I have just seen her in the Square – she and her bastard child! She was not dressed in servant’s clothes at all – she had on a thick cloak over a muslin dress from this very season – and she was walking quite proudly as if she were the finest of ladies. She was pushing a perambulator with a child in it who was easily the same age as your own dear LB. I threw open the window and called to her but just as I did so she quickened her pace and was gone before she could have heard me. Who was that boy, if not her own? Why was she so well clothed and what was she doing in the middle of the day when she should have been at work?

I do not wish to trust my eyes, Boo, but I am sure it was her. Mrs Everdown has not mentioned the child in her letters from Blindingham so I supposed her ridiculous daughter was looking after him (a fate I would wish on no-one, not even him). I must inform Josiah as soon as I see him tonight. The Girl was sent to his friend’s employ at short notice, after he lost his wife. I think it highly likely of her to have taken advantage of his evident vulnerability.

I simply must leave the house now, Boo, or I will run mad. I shall wait on the step for your reply and if nothing comes after an hour I shall make for the Heath.


E x

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