Wild Goose

B’grave Square
March 11th 1852

I have spent the most vexing day. Josiah did not come home last night – I confess I could not remember what his plans were and I waited in the hall downstairs until 11 o’clock but the Waterhouses had clearly claimed him once again. This morning I asked the servants to pack me a picnic hamper and I set out to find him at work. I decided to walk as I find exercise helps me to straighten my thoughts – the carriage drivers here in London are bent on killing their passengers I fear, since even the shortest journey in one is enough to rattle my brain clean from my head.

I had a map of sorts and the address of my destination and was terribly excited at the prospect of sweeping into Josiah’s office to present him with a fine luncheon.

But I am such a dolt that I simply could not find where he works. Josiah clearly told me his factory was situated on Overend Arch, but the map I had made no mention of such a place.

I finally reached a street called Overend Walk, in an area they refer to as Hoxton, but when I found the number he had given me – number 42 – it was not a factory at all! Not the imposing building full of industry I had been expecting, instead it was a baker’s shop. And it was closed.

Having no means of contacting Josiah, or any of his associates, I could do nothing but retrace my steps towards the Square. I did approach a lady in a nearby street but she could not help me at all. She knew of no workplaces that might house a team of engineers and even said she had never heard of the street name I had been given.

So, after six hours of walking I was back at Belgrave Square, still with my hamper full of food. I am so disappointed. I shall not tell Josiah of my adventure this evening – I feel too silly and tired.

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