Missing Men

B’grave Square
March 10th 1852

I told Boo about Papa’s mysterious desire to see how the girls are working at the Press. She said she thought his actions were entirely understandable and that I should be pleased he was showing such a keen interest in our charitable work. A wealthy widower who has no need of employment but wishes to spend time helping to save the fallen is a man to be respected, she told me, and I must not be concerned any further. Apparently, his instruction that I should not go with him was born of concern for my health – it is a long walk from here – and a wish that I might not be burdened with his company overmuch. She made me feel quite guilty for being so upset with his treatment of me.

So, I shall think no more of it. Boo is right to say that I would not enjoy spending a good deal of time with him – he is an exacting companion and an hour in his company leaves me feeling in need of a nap. I am resigned, then. He must visit the Press as often as he likes – but alone!

Josiah is so busy with his winding engines project that I have hardly seen him for days. I need to discuss Blindingham matters with him, so if he is at the Waterhouse’s again tonight I may have to seek him out tomorrow at his place of work. I must look for that note he wrote to me with the address of the factory. Now that he is a successful entrepreneur I can present myself at his offices and introduce myself to his workers. I shall play the businessman’s wife and be gracious with them all and tell them how hard they are working and how much Josiah values them. They will be pleased to think that I have taken time to speak to them. I am giddy at the prospect now that I have thought of it!

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