Welcome Back

B’grave Square
April 5th 1852

I never imagined I would say this but Villiers is back from the country and I am particularly relieved to see him. I had not realised quite how solitary my days had become with Josiah working so hard, but the Butler’s presence back in the Square, with his chattering and carping all day has been a welcome change from my own company. He tells us that the Hall is well cared for and that Mrs Everdown is proving to be a surprisingly loyal and competent woman. She is coping well with the kitchens and has closed off most of the other rooms to prevent light and damp damage. It is a level of maintenance that Cook never mastered, I am forced to admit.

Villiers was especially complimentary about the work undertaken by Jennet in the grounds. Jennet is a man with great empathy for the flora and fauna surrounding our home, Villiers assures me. He had met a man in the village who recently spent time in China, of all places, and he introduced Jennet to some strange new theory about placing and prosperity. I am too much of a goose to grasp the details fully, but it seems that Jennet has spent much of his time this Spring rearranging the shrubberies to allow wealth to enter our gardens. Villiers was keen to tell me how much he had been helping Jennet amongst the greenery and I rather think I detected a note of melancholy at having to leave him behind. I reassured him it would not be long before we were back there. Josiah showed interest at the thought that moving the furniture might make us rich and will no doubt be rearranging Blindingham the moment we are home. I suppose the theory would not work for us in rented rooms.

I heard Josiah telling Villiers about my sighting of the Girl. Josiah had said I must have been mistaken and even went to his associate’s house to make sure she was performing her duties appropriately. He said all was as it should be, but I am still unsure. Villiers squealed a little when he heard my story – how I have missed his peculiar little noises and hand waving – and I heard him tell Josiah that he would go to see the Girl himself to make sure she was fully aware of her reponsibilities. As I say, I am glad he is here, even if he takes some managing.

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