Party planning

Belgrave Square
Dec 15th 1851

Josiah has agreed to me having a small party here to mark the festive season. I shall ask Mrs Doughty, Boo, Miss Guiser and some other acquaintances I have made since we arrived. I will not invite Mr Pitt, after his behaviour towards me at Boo’s house last time I visited. I had only asked whether he might wish to invest in Josiah’s new venture and he flew into a rage, shouting that his life was bound up enough with my husband’s and he wanted no deeper involvement than that. The Lord alone knows what he meant, but Boo went white as he said it. He has always been an angry sort of man, so I shall give it no further thought – but neither will I give him an opportunity to speak to me that way again.

That has made me think – I suppose I should approach the wives of Josiah’s business partners, too. I have never met them, not even in the Summer since they did not accompany their husbands to our Ball, but I am informed that they exist, so I shall make an effort to include them. Perhaps they will make their way here in another outlandish form of travel. If they have tired of hearing about underground transportation, is it possible they might fly?

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