Thank you letter

Dear Mrs Hatherwick

Mr Price and I wish to thank you for the delightful tea party you hosted so gracefully yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves royally and must congratulate you on contriving such a convivial atmosphere. Please pass on our warmest regards to your friend Mrs Doughty, a lady I hope henceforth to be able to call my friend, too.

I do hope you were not too troubled by Mrs Waterhouse’s rather vague answers in relation to your husband’s conduct in her home. I gathered from your demeanour that you were making a humourous reference to his fondness for walking around late at night. I urge you not to think anything of her inability to recall seeing him in her house at such a time. She has suffered nervous troubles ever since the Winter of ’45, poor lady, and uses sleeping draughts now, so she would most likely be unaware of any movements in her home after 9 o’clock.

Congratulate your cook for the most sumptuous spread and please reassure your Mr Villiers that we found him most entertaining – he could surely find a career in the music halls if he ever tires of being in service.

We must meet again in the New Year. Since our husbands are so thick with each other, I am sure there will be ample opportunity for further relaxation in your delightful company.

Yours most sincerely

Agatha Price

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