In Fear of the Unknown

Belgrave Square
December 14th 1851

I have become quite the engineering widow. Josiah has taken to staying out all night at least three nights each week, at the home of Mr Waterhouse with whom he is now deeply involved in business. I do not like him being away but if I am to profit from his enterprises I suppose it must cost me somewhere in the process. He is quite loving when he is with me, after all.

But this business with that awful man has troubled me more than I like to admit. I am sure he is waiting outside this house, watching our movements and choosing Josiah’s time away from here to commit his nefarious practices. He is deliberately trying to cause us harm by behaving appallingly and claiming to be Josiah whenever he is challenged. It is exactly what he did in Clacton. Josiah told me that he did indeed go to Bow Street almost as soon as I told him what the policeman had said the other day. Nothing came of it, I gather, and no further action is to be taken. I know Josiah is more bothered by this than he claims. He has moved my jewellery box to a safer position and I am to ask him for whichever pieces I need a day or so in advance. It is very solicitous of him but I am beginning to be afraid for my safety when Josiah is away at night. I am not convinced that Villiers would behave with the same protective instinct that a man would for his wife.

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