An Inspector Calls

Dear Boo

The strangest thing has happened. There was a tremendous clanging at the street door yesterday morning and outside was a policeman asking for Josiah. I did not know what on earth to do.

He said that a man answering Josiah’s description had been witnessed behaving strangely in Leicester Square. Well, Boo, it can only mean that that dreadful man has returned to prey on us! I informed the policeman of Papa’s connections with the legal profession and said that I was in no doubt that the man concerned was not my husband. I began to tell him of the imposter we have had to suffer, but he couldn’t have been less interested. In fact, he was extremely short with me on the matter and said that if and when Josiah returned home I was to make sure he presented himself at Bow Street without delay.

What did he mean by the words ‘if’ and ‘when’ ? Who was behaving strangely and why did the police think it was Josiah? Honestly, Boo, I am quite concerned. Josiah did not return home last night – although that is nothing strange these days as he is so wrapped up with the underground transport project he is working on – so I have not had chance to tell him what he must do. I am sure he will walk in soon with a perfectly sensible explanation about it all.

In the meantime, I must do what I can to prevent Villiers from presenting himself at Bow Street instead. He was keen to go and see what he could do to help them in their enquiries, he said, but I am sure his attendance there is not necessary at this stage.

I will call soon and tell you the outcome of this story, as soon as I know what it is myself!


Effie x

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