Belgrave Square
Dec 3rd 1851

Josiah has become very attentive of late. Ever since I told him how gorgeous Little Bradstone was and how much Boo was enjoying motherhood. I wonder what is on his mind.He coos and twits over me if I so much as cough and he is constantly asking me if I have everything I need. He leaps up and runs to my dressing room when I mention looking for a new comb or pin for my hair and this morning he even laid out my clothes for me as I was washing at the stand! I laughed so hard to watch him doing servant girls’ work that I knocked over the water jug and drenched myself. I cracked the jug a little on my chair. Josiah ran to my aid and would not hear of me going to fetch another nightgown. Instead he raced to the dressing room and came straight back with a dry one. He seems not to want me to exert myself at all where my own toilet is concerned.

I suppose I shall have to inform the landlord about the jug. I may ask Villiers if he can repair it or seek a replacement on his London walkabouts. Heaven only knows where he goes, but the other day he came back with a Chinese silk kimono. I thought it was a gift to me from Josiah at first, but then I saw Villiers wearing it late one night as I went to look for some water. I must ask him where he bought it.

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