Going Underground

My Dear Boo

I am the lady wife of an Entrepreneur! Josiah has gone into business with some of those boring men you met. I confess I do not fully understand the nature of the enterprise but he tells me he is a founding father of a new travel system, whereby people will be able to move around London – honestly, Boo this is incredible – below the surface of the roads. People will sit in carts inside huge tunnels, some of which will be dug even lower than the Thames itself! They will walk down great flights of stairs to reach these tunnels and then climb back out and find themselves in a completely different part of the city. Truly, it is a thing of the future.

Josiah has asked me to suggest that Mr Pitt might like to invest in this as well. I cannot in all truth explain the details or answer any of the sensible questions that might be asked of me, but I should like the chance to mention it when I next see you. Do you think we might both become wives of famous businessmen?

I will be coming to celebrate the anniversary of your becoming a mother as soon as I have completed the gift I am embroidering for you. Might I spend a few moments then trying to help you both conceive of the idea of travelling under the ground? It does sound exciting.

Till we meet, which will be soon,

Kisses to LB and to you my dear


Effie x

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