To London again?

B’ham Hall
September 10th 1851

I am quite worried about Josiah. He is not the slightest bit concerned about the imposter who is following his every move. Indeed, apart from the sharp look he gave me when I returned from London he has said nothing. Not even an expression of relief at my having recovered Mama’s brooch. I am sure he has not contacted the police. Why, the man might be living in the village for all we are aware…..

I asked him at breakfast yesterday whether we would be wintering in Brunswick Square again this year. He sighed a little but told me he plans to go up to London next week to secure rooms and finalise his investments with Mr Waterhouse (I think it is him, they all seem the same to my unbusinesslike mind) So, I shall be able to celebrate Little Bradstone’s first birthday with Boo and her friends. That will be very enjoyable.

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