Second winter

Blindingham Hall
September 16th 1851


Josiah says we are to come again to London this winter! I am excited by the prospect of seeing you again, and renewing my friendships with Mrs Doughty and her ladies. I cannot help but reflect, though, upon the events of the past year and the change in me since I last sent word of our intention to spend the festive season amongst fashionable folk.

We have a darkness upon us this year in the form of a scoundrel who is passing himself off as Josiah – you will remember my recent shock in Clacton – and I fear he may discover our plans and follow us. I have not the slightest idea of his purpose, except that it cannot be to our advantage. Josiah is quite unperturbed by this man and tells me to give him no further thought. Oh, he is a brave man, my husband but I fear his confidence may be unfounded.

He has several business prospects with the money men he has been cultivating since our extravaganza in the orangery and is exercised at the thought of coming up to town. He is taking the Girl and an under cook as an advance party to ensure the rooms will be comfortable and fit for our purposes this year. I intend to entertain on a grander scale, I can promise you!

I think it will be wise for me to consult Papa before we arrive, this time. With the prospect of a criminal in our wake, I should like to be assured that Papa has taken the constabulary into his confidence. Since retiring from his judging duties, he has kept up with his legal friends I am glad to hear. I hope we shall have no need of them but I know I will sleep more soundly in my bed knowing they are there to be called upon.

So, Boo, tell me of your plans to celebrate the first anniversary of your becoming a mother – I do so want to be there to see Little Bradstone taking his first steps!

Write to me, Boo – we are soon to be together again


Effie x

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