Where to start?

My Own Boo,

Villiers is determined that our Ball shall be the talk of the County for many years. I told him about our visit to the Exhibition in London (which, by the way, has resulted in him placing an order for a mangle! What luxury!) and he has been drowning me in fanciful plans ever since.

This letter is to beg you to speak on my behalf to Mrs Doughty. She will know of all the machinery and sculptures we saw that day and I have been asked to find an orchestra – Villiers fancies that all the players should be boys from Morocco or some such place. The notions that man has…..

Not satisfied with the Orchestra of the East, Villiers wants Josiah to commission our very own sculpture. This could cost as much as a hundred pounds and Josiah is not happy but Villiers is as giddy as a puppy about it all and we do want to encourage him. So, please find a moment to tear yourself away from your little man and ask Mrs Doughty to send word of some people I might write to.

If everything we plan comes to fruition, this shall indeed be the Ball of Balls!


Effie x

p.s. The Girl has perked up somewhat since our return and is looking less lumpen than before. Her child is a pitiful thing, to be sure, but we must endure his presence here. If only he was more like your darling boy. He and Little Bradstone share a look about their eyes, I must say, so he makes me yearn for your company even more……… x

2 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. Kingswell House, Stonesbury, Aberdeen.May 29th, 1851Dear Mrs Hatherwick,Further to recent communications between ourselves and your representative Mr Villiers, I am pleased to confirm the booking of the Kingswell Pipe band for your upcoming event on at 3pm on 23rd July at Blindingham Hall, Epsom, Surrey. As all of our hundred-and-twenty-two members are traveling from Scotland we will require accommodation in the area. To this end, I would be pleased if you would advise us of a suitable venue at your earliest convenience.It is our normal policy for the event organiser to bear the band’s accommodation costs, which would be in addition to the ninety guineas fee already agreed with Mr Villiers.If you would be in a position to supply an additional large marquee that our musicians may use as a changing facility, this would help to facilitate us in our allotted task of providing you with an enjoyable two hours of authentic Scottish pipe music.I look forward to meeting you at Blindingham on the 23rd.Yours sincerely,Andrew Bruce esqSecretary

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