Lists, lists, lists!

B’ham Hall May 16th 1851

My desk is a sea of paper – I can hardly find space or time for my diary. I have lists of people to invite, rooms to air, linen to press and windows to unstick. Cook is daily bringing me menus and new recipes she has found from wherever and Villiers wishes me to oversee the grounds plan so that the approach will be at its most welcoming.

We have to arrange for men to clear and decorate the orangery, others to construct an area for dancing on and still more to collect enough plates, glasses and candlesticks to lay a table fit for the Queen. Not that she is invited.

Josiah is less than useful, boring me to tears with his investment opportunities, and the staff are beside themselves with giddiness preparing the timetable for cleaning the rooms. I am sure I do not recall my own wedding being this exciting.

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