Oh, Boo

I cannot believe the time has come already for us to go home. I feel such a Londoner now. I have been so at home here that I could direct strangers to whichever destination they desired. But now Mr Hatherwick is a flurry of papers and boxes while he counts the days until we are once again Master and Mistress of Blindingham. He is as excitable as I am sad.

So, Boo, will you bring Little Bradstone and your good self to Brunswick Square for one last visit? I should so love to cuddle him – I swear I have enough hugging in me to last him til we come back next Winter!

Do say you can come, Boo. Not Wednesday – Mr Hatherwick has arranged a tiresome farewell for his associates here and I am called upon to nod like a doll at whatever they say. They are such bores but I must show some interest, if only for an afternoon – our future depends on it, I am told!

Til we meet


E x

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