Brunswick Square March 7th 1851

It is most vexing. I know for certain that I brought my brooch and my earrings to London and I simply cannot think where they have gone. I have seen no sign of the brooch since the night in Clacton when Josiah and I went for a walk and Boo is sure that my earrings did not become mislaid whilst at her house. I know I was wearing them, I always do at an evening party, but it seems they did not become detached along with my bonnet as I had thought. Josiah could not be less interested and refuses to undertake a more thorough search of the rooms here. He is preoccupied with a business venture he is engaged in as a result of our visit to that splendid Exhibition and will be investing capital in some device or another. It exercises him greatly when I try to interrupt his work with my prattle, he says. We are going home soon and I hate to think of my jewellery being lost forever on our travels. Josiah has sent ahead to have the staff open up the hall for our arrival. I should begin to pack, I suppose and say my goodbyes here.

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