A New Year Resolution

My Dear Darling Boo

We have had the most cosy time at home, Mr Hatherwick and I. He was not required to see to any business for a good four days and he decided to concentrate all his attentions on me – his grateful, lucky and very spoiled wife!

Cook surpassed herself with the meals she provided and the Old Girl proved very helpful when dressing me and bringing me hot water when I wanted to wash. She is much more attentive than the Girl was and I find that she is able to be with me for almost the whole day, such that I have clean forgotten where the servants’ bell is.

The Girl used to spend a good part of her time seeing to Mr Hatherwick’s needs, but this one doesn’t spend half so much time with him. Bless him, he says he can well do without her and that if I want her I should feel welcome to her. God love him.

May I call next Tuesday? I have something secret to tell you that I dare not commit to paper. I have made a decision! A proper, grown up decision!


E x

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