December 22nd 1850 Brunswick Square

We have a new Girl. Well, she is to undertake the duties of a Girl but I should think it is along time since the word girl has been used to describe her. She is personable enough and comes with exemplary references and I am greatly relieved to have someone to dress me again at last, but somehow I do not see me exchanging confidences with her. There is something dingy about her, as if she washes infrequently. I have counted fewer teeth in her head than in Boo’s baby. She sports hairs in places she should not and her voice reminds me of the man who tends the cattle at home. Still I think she will do well here. Josiah was not impressed with her, but he did give me sole responsibility for finding someone. He has said he probably will not need her services much. I should feel I have failed him in appointing her, but I do not.

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