My first tea party

December 19th Brunswick Square

This new fashion for having trees and whatnot in your house is a tremendous fag but it does make the rooms look very cosy. Today I had my first proper tea party and Cook went to great lengths to make festive tidbits for us to eat. She served a sort of warm wine with fruit in it and an array of small sandwiches, pastries and cured meats. I could tell that everyone was most impressed. I must remember to give Cook a little something as a special reward – she has been very helpful in recent weeks.

Sitting in my parlour were Mrs Cooper, Miss Cooper, Mrs Doughty and Miss Rowena Guiser. She is very pretty and amusing, I think we shall make firm friends. I do need someone else to talk to now that Boo is so occupied with the baby – Mrs Doughty appears to be a bottomless source of new company.

Word from the butler at Blindingham – the Girl has calved. So she also now has a baby boy to call her own – heaven knows who else’s it may be. And that horrible small man from Clacton cannot find my brooch. No doubt he has pawned it or given it to a sweetheart, the crook.

Remind Cook to ask around and discover what the best households will be serving over Christmas.

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