Fruitless search

Mrs Euphemia Hatherwick
34 Brunswick Square

December 12th 1850


I am afraid I am writing with news which will not please you. Having conducted a thorough and rigorous investigation of my staff and public quarters, I can state without a doubt that your brooch is not anywhere under my roof.

I quizzed the chamber maids, the night porter and any staff who may have had access to your room during your stay. Despite hearing some very clear and verifiable accounts of Mr Hatherwick’s movements and your own, I can find nothing which relates to the mislaying or otherwise of any brooch.

I hope this letter is redundant and that the brooch has appeared amongst your belongings as you unpacked. I hope also to be able to welcome you again to this establishment in the future. To that end, may I take this opportunity of offering you and Mr Hatherwick one evening’s accommodation without charge, in recognition of your distress. This in no way points to any liability on our part for the loss of your brooch, of course.

Yours faithfully

Ogden Browne

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