How to improve your hospitality

The Proprietor
Excelsior Hotel

November 27th 1850

Dear Sir

I write with regret, having enjoyed a brief but refreshing stay at your establishment last week. My husband, Mr Josiah Hatherwick, and I were delighted with the accommodation you offer and took great pleasure in sampling the best from your fine menu.

The beds were comfortable, the water nicely warmed by your staff and you yourself showed us genuine welcome.

However, I feel I must write this letter – in the best of faith that you will receive it in the spirit in which it is sent. That is, as a warning from a friend, not a barb from your enemy.

I have arrived back in London without an item that is most precious to me. I am assiduous in the care of my belongings and it would be quite out of character for me to mislay such an item. My husband has no knowledge of its whereabouts and I am forced to conclude that it has been taken from me whilst I was in your hotel.

The item in question is a brooch. It contains an amethyst set in a double row of seed pearls. The brooch was a wedding gift to me from my Mother and I am distressed to be without it.

I fear your staff are not all as trustworthy as you would hope. Please carry out a search of your premises and room-tending staff at your earliest convenience. I am sure that my brooch will be found in the temporary possession of one of them.

I await your reply

Yours in anticipation

Euphemia Hatherwick (Mrs)

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