Counting the Days

My Dear, Brave Boo

When I saw you last I felt sure you would produce your child on the very rug in front of me! Surely it cannot be long now? Just think, you may be in the depths of childbirth even as I write. I stand at the window a great deal at the moment watching for your boy to come with a note telling me I am an honorary Aunt…

I cannot imagine what you will have gone through, Boo. Only that it will have been worth every moment.

Please let me know as soon as you can. Send word whatever the time, day or night. I am not going to settle til I know you are safely delivered of your child.


Effie xxx

p.s. Mr Hatherwick asks me to send his best. He is pacing the floor with me, bless him. He has such empathy – for a mere male!

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