Such Happy News

My Darling Boo

It is true then what they say about the bloom of impending motherhood. You looked positively ripened when you called to see me yesterday. Full as a melon!

But why ever did you keep the secret from me, Boo, you silly goose? I am beside myself with joy for you and Mr Pitt. I told Mr Hatherwick your news the very second he came home and his face was a picture to behold. I declare I have never seen him lost for words before. He enquired as to the date of your expected confinement and when I told him it would be near to Christmas he stood stock still for a full minute. He is such a sensitive man, my husband. Do you know, I am convinced that he had been preparing to surprise me with a party, at which you and Mr Pitt would have been guests of honour. His shock upon hearing your news was because he will not now be able to entertain you as he would wish. I am sure of it.

I am quite envious of you, Boo, I cannot tell untruths. I do so long for a baby of my own – a little Effie or Josiah. I quicken at the thought of it. Seeing you look so well and knowing what delights await you I feel certain that I wish to join you in maternal bliss.

Thinking this way has given me an idea. I shall put away my pen for today and ask the Girl to draw my bath early. Mr Hatherwick is expected home before eight this evening and I think it timely for me to make myself available to him after dinner.

Til next we meet, Boo – goodness, I am so excited for you and for us both!

Give my best to Mr Pitt. Or should I call him Pitter-patter now? Oh, see how giddy I am with my new adventure!


Effie x

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