A Quiet Start to the Season

Dearest Boo

How lovely it was to meet your friend Mrs Doughty yesterday. You are quite the best hostess and you have so many interesting friends. I found the afternoon went too quickly and am laughing to myself remembering some of the intimacies she was good enough to share! It has certainly eased the boredom of being in Town without Mr Hatherwick, who has been called back to the Hall on some matter of the estate. Tiresome business, running a large house in the Country, but it must be done, I suppose.

I have been walking much around the City. How quickly people move here and how occupied they seem to be. In Blindingham it is a matter for remark if one meets another soul at all on one’s walk. There, if you happen upon another person engaged in outdoor exercise it is expected that you should pause a while and exchange a pleasantry or two. In London, although there are many people about I cannot imagine even one of them smiling as they hurry by.

I was perhaps hasty in expecting my time here to be full of social event. Save for your darling self I should be quite devoid of company. I know that your condition prevents you from dancing – you are to be spared the spectacle of my parochial pavane for a good while yet, Boo – but I wonder whether you could walk with me a little. Tomorrow afternoon? Or the day after?

Do send word by return if you can find energy enough to stroll with me. I am strong and can be relied upon to take your arm should you need rest!

I shall stand by the window and watch for the boy with the mail.


E x

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