Building Blocks

Blindingham Hall, December 15th 1860

How tiresome it is to be popular! I have received an invitation to a meeting next Sunday evening down in the village, in the rooms next to the Church. I fear it will be as cold as the devil’s heart, though more full of welcome. Reverend Dibleigh has specifically asked that I be present to witness his account of improvements that might be made to the church buildings next year. I am flattered that he has chosen me to give him my opinion – my refurbishment of the Hall after the fire was a triumph and I am pleased to be able to pass on the fruits of my experience.

I shall accept the invitation, of course, but will ensure that Moss is waiting outside with the trap all the while and will make my excuses as soon as is polite. I can look at drawings and listen to excitable planning for perhaps a half hour but I must be able to get away. I wonder whether I may be called upon to oversee the work when the decision has been made. And I am interested to hear where the funds have been found to pay for it.

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