For your Voices

Blindingham Hall

December 10th 1860

I fear my faith in Josiah’s innocence may have been misplaced.

Word has reached me that the man I married is engaged in activity more befitting a natural Cornishman. Were Blindingham next to the sea, and not an inland hamlet, he might indeed have spent his time ‘beachcombing’ at low tide instead of boring me with his opinions. I do not believe he steals from the sea, but I must now accept that he may recently have acquired funds by less than honest means.

I heard he has been seen of late keeping murky company; sidled into ale-house corners with mean-eyed men and their spineless adjuncts. Whispering long into the night, swearing allegiance to powerful men whose wealth has not come from hard work.

I had dismissed that talk as local rumour, designed by well-wishers to confirm for me that my discarding of him was the right decision. Not that any such affirmation is necessary. I did not believe the talk and had no need to hear more of what Josiah does with his time now that I am free of him.

But today I received news which may prove the rumours true.

Such is his regard for his own views, and his contempt for ordinary folk, that he has begun to squirm his way into a life of London politicks. I gather from the post-mistress – whose knowledge of such things is certainly current – that Josiah has given money to people dead set on a Whig parliament next time. He hopes, I am given to believe, that if he pays enough to the Whig men they will put him up to be voted upon by those empowered to do so. I do not aim to understand such things and think it indelicate to discuss them in the circles I enjoy. But I do know that a man like Josiah – cocksure, bribable and utterly without shame – is well suited to the world of electioneering and public office.

I have asked the post-mistress not to tell me any more about it as hearing of him causes me distress – which of course means the old witch will take every available chance to begin a tale and then withdraw it upon ‘remembering’ my wishes. This way I will stay abreast of his antics without asking for details directly.

Josiah – a politician! There was never a man more deluded and surrounded by cruel fools. God help the people who elect him if it comes to it.

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