Sydney Walk
May 9th 1853

Boo has had her baby. A ruddy-faced boy arrived at our front door carrying a note from Mr Pitt, telling me that Boo had been safely delivered of a beautiful girl (my heart did twist a little, I must confess, at the thought of having a girl baby to play with). They have not named her yet but the note said Boo was keen for Josiah and me to know of the birth before the announcement cards are sent.

I feel privileged to be so close to Boo and her family that we should receive such special attention.

A girl! A baby sister for LB to look after. When he was born I straight away sent some mittens or boots or somesuch knitted finery – I have neglected to prepare for this arrival in the same way, so shall send Villiers out for wool this morning and set about making something. I would go, since I love nothing better than a reason to visit shops, but Dauncey is not quite himself and I am loath to leave him. Besides, Villiers has a better eye than I have for fabrics and colours. He will be in his element when we come to redesign the interiors of the Hall.

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