Sydney Walk
April 26th 1853

I am much relieved. Boo and I are friends again and we can carry on as we have done. Despite being cross with her for her silliness I am pleased it is now behind us. I cannot wait to see her and tell her all my news. She will have some ideas about the refurbishments I am sure, and she has such a good head for finance she will be invaluable in keeping my extravagance at bay.

The only shadow on my horizon now is that Dauncey appears not have forgiven me for my temporary desertion of him. He has not spent the night at the foot of my bed since we came back. I am informed that this is not unusual behaviour for a cat – Villiers was most amused by the haughtiness Dauncey displayed and was reminded, he says, of a cat that once belonged to his aunt. After a prolonged stay by the aunt in some remote part of the country, this cat refused to acknowledge her on her return and never snuffled her again despite living in her house for a good ten years more. I do not think Dauncey is so resolute, though, and I am sure he will come back to me after I have shown suitable remorse. Perhaps some milk might do the trick.

I am to visit Boo later on today – I am so keen to see her and to resume my duties as an employer at the Press that I shall take some funds with me as a gesture of goodwill. I shall hand Boo some banknotes without even waiting to be asked – that is how glad I am she has forgiven me!

4 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Oh Effie! If only you would open your eyes. But then it might be too much for your sweet soul. It might ruin your happiness. Your Husband is a cad and everyone knows it. Even your caring father. Bless him

  2. Why is there so much sympathy for Effie? I reckon she’s got a really poisonous, judgmental streak – naive and deluded, yes, but she’s still sending Cook back to the asylum. And her contempt for The Girl (or actually any of the working-class characters) shows her true colours…

  3. True, she’s like so many of her class and station. But you still must admit her husband is a cad. Plus I think Cook knew of the goes on and had no one to confide in and the stress got to the poor dear. AS for Effie she did what she was taught was best. Put the problem away and forget about it.

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