Sydney Walk
April 18th 1853

Dear Boo

Josiah and I are back in London. We have been much occupied with giving directions for the rebuilding of the Hall, making sure Cook is safe and other such activities and have only now returned to our winter residence.

My reason for writing to you Boo is entirely conciliatory. I am aware that you are approaching your confinement and would be sorry to miss your new baby simply because we had such a silly argument. Really, it seems so long ago now and so much has happened since (I have much to tell you if you are keen to hear it) that I hope we can put it behind us and carry on as the firm friends we so recently were.

I fancy we shall be staying up in Town for longer this year than we have done before. We cannot live in the Hall until it is entirely rebuilt and I wish to make myself available to you if you should need me to care for LB while you are getting to know your new little one. Also, I am woefully out of touch with the activities of the Press and have told Josiah that I do not wish to uproot myself again so soon. He is so enthusiastic about the rebuilding plans that he intends to go back regularly to Blindingham until the work is finished. It is fortunate, I suppose, that Mrs Cornbench has proved so accommodating – Josiah enjoys her company and that of her husband, even though I find him very drab.

I will not prattle on, Boo, until I know we are friends again. Please write back and say we are.



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