City Break

April 7th 1853
Sydney Walk

I have spent the most delightful day with Dauncey, who asks nothing of me but that I should love him. I prepared Villiers for my departure – really, it is hardly worth our having come to London this Winter. We have been more at Blindingham than anywhere else. I am determined that Josiah and I shall visit Clacton again, or perhaps Brightlingsea. We have been too much overrun with troubles of late and we are in need of a little relaxation. There is precious little of that to be had in Bayswater, I am sorry to note. I shall plan a little trip for when Josiah and I are both in London.

I am setting off at first light in the morning, so must retire now and will fall asleep telling Dauncey of my plans. He is bound to approve of them – he is such a comfort to me!

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