Silver Lining

Lydiatt House
March 21st 1853

At last we have had some good news. Josiah has had word from London – we are to be reimbursed for every penny we spend on restoring the Hall! What a clever husband I have. He is such a pioneer in business and financial matters and I am very fortunate to have him to look after me so well – it pains me that Papa does not see Josiah as I do. I am even more determined to get back to London now to begin choosing new furnishings. I shall fashion the East Wing in the style our dear Queen has chosen for Osborne House, I think. I do not propose to bother Josiah much with the details but I shall deliver him the most fashionable country residence in all England to show him how proud I am of his business dealings. And I shall no longer be obliged to accept Mrs Cornbench’s offer of her cast off sticks – thank the Lord for Josiah and for the Prudential Insurance Company!

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