Trouble at the Hall

Sydney Walk
March 10th 1853

My Dear Mrs Doughty

We have had the most dreadful news from home. Josiah and I must return immediately to Blindingham for I do not know how long and we cannot take Boo’s boy with us. I am sending him to you in the company of our manservant Villiers and pray that you can house them both until we are back inLondon.

I am beside myself with worry, but I am sure that you will do Boo and myself this kindness – please be assured that I will be in touch again as soon as I am able. I cannot thank you enough for reading this letter in what I am confident will be a state of calm capability and compassion.

Do not be concerned about how to entertain the child – Villiers and he get along delightfully and will hardly be in your way at all. You may wish to let Boo know that he is with you and that I shall reimburse you for any expenditure you incur in the feeding of them both.

I must leave off now,

Yours in gratitude

Effie H.

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