Our happy news!

Sydney Walk
October 17th 1852

What a thoughtful man my husband is! He had noticed that I was somewhat deflated at the lack of visitors here since we arrived and so he has given me my very own companion. I now share Sydney Walk with a scrumptious little kitten!

Josiah said he saw him sitting at the bottom of our street steps gazing up at the door waiting patiently for it to open. He said it looked for all the World as if the kitten had been given our address and hurried over to make our acquaintance.

“I would not have been surprised to see him with a little valise, Eff, with a collar and some dried fish inside, ready to move in.”

So now Dauncey is a resident, alongside Josiah, myself, Villiers and the maid. I am beginning to see why Boo always looks so exhausted – small creatures are so full of energy they leave no room for any of one’s own. And we make quite the happy household. If I listened hard enough I am sure I could hear every one of us purring with contentment.

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