News from the front

Hawksmoor Lane
July 23rd 1852

Dear Euphemia

I trust you are well, and will not mind my interrupting your Summer in the country with my metropolitan prattle. Your absence from our social – and business – lives is a trial we must bear, my dear, but we cannot forget you entirely. We spoke fondly of you when I was last at Mrs Pitt’s home. Indeed, Rowena and I spent a most enjoyable few minutes remembering that spectacular Ball we were lucky enough to attend.

The purpose of this letter is not simply to tell you how keenly we miss you, dear Euphemia, although that would be a perfectly good reason to write. My intention is to inform you of the progress of the press girls. Mrs Pitt and I are excited to announce that we are in need of new premises to house our expanding workload and burgeoning workforce. It is in no small measure thanks to you that we can plan so confidently for our future. You may be in the country for the Summer, but you are a London Lady entrepreneur all year round, Euphemia, and you should be proud of your contribution.

The move will require funding, of course, and Mrs Pitt and I are spending a good deal of time searching the City for suitable premises. When we have some addresses to show you, do you think you might be able to come to Town to help us choose wisely? I do hope you can.

I cannot leave off writing without telling you that Little Bradstone is becoming a lively child with a great reserves of energy and vigour. I come from a generation who hid their children away in nurseries and schoolrooms, so to take tea in the company of the boy and his playmates was certainly enlightening. Being a spinster myself, I am unused to the chatter and clatter of children. My head only just seems clear of it after two days.

So, dear Euphemia, enjoy your rural sojourn happy in the knowledge that your city friends are keeping your interests safe.

Yours in great affection

Sarah Doughty

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