Dearest Boo,

Sadly, we are at the end of our lease in the Square and must return to Blindingham next week. I cannot tell you how much I shall miss you, LB, the girls at the Press and all the good friends I have made this second season in London. But I am excited at the thought of seeing Blindingham again and of renewing my standing in the village. I shall always be interested to hear about the business, of course, and can furnish you with banker’s drafts with only a few days’ notice if necessary.

Villiers has been laid low for a week or so, but has sprung back more effervescent than ever. He claims to be unable to wait til next week to get to the country and has suggested he go on ahead to prepare the house. That will be a shock for Mrs Everdown!

So, I must see you before we leave – I shall call on Friday if I may?

Kisses to your gorgeous Boy,


E xx

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