Positive Thinking

B’grave Square
February 14th 1852

Villiers has sent a note saying he is in control of the situation at home, thank goodness. He is due back here soon, though, since I am still unhappy to walk alone in London. We shall then be dependent on Mrs Everdown and her booby of a daughter to keep the hall standing. Jennet will undertake the basic maintenance work, as usual, but he is a man who likes to take instruction not initiative, I believe. That is a quality often to be found in men who work outdoors I have observed. I should not know what to say to him if we were ever to be together under a roof.

I have spoken to Mrs Doughty and Boo about my schoolmistress idea. They seemed a little vague as to how it might benefit the girls at the Press – I was surprised that they did not leap at the chance to better the staff – so I shall have to devise a more exciting plan.

Papa has told me he is keen to visit the Press. I am unsure how to introduce him, since the venture is supposed to be discreet, but he has been enthused by my description of the arrangements and says he wishes to see at first hand how we set the girls to work. Since he is instrumental in the funding of the Press I suppose I should bend to his wishes. Oh, this business of satisfying benefactors is more taxing than I had thought.

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