Paternity suits

B’grave Square
February 4th 1852

My Dear Boo

Wonderful news! Papa has given me his blessing to establish my own private funds so that I can continue the donations to the Press without needing to ask permission from Josiah. He is to set aside a sum within his own accounts that I may draw from at my own discretion. Me!

I did tell Papa that Josiah would be perfectly happy to oversee administration of this account and that he would never deny me access to the funds but Papa was adamant that I should take responsibility for them myself. I know Papa holds Josiah in high regard but he was strangely insistent that he need not be made aware of this arrangement at all. So be it.

My first foray into financial independence, Boo, will be to arrange for a schoolmistress to visit The Press – what do you think? I know the girls there are intelligent and earnest in their desire to learn. They cannot spend the whole time labouring, I am sure.

I shall call a meeting for us to discuss this plan further. Oh, Boo, isn’t this exciting? All I wish now is for reassurance that all is peaceful at Blindingham and then I can happily set about this new part of my life.

Kisses to LB and your self,



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