Working Classes


I had no idea you did such remarkable and unsung work – I am in awe of you, I truly am. When you asked me to accompany you to see the results of your charitable actions I expected to be taking buns to the poor, or blankets to the homeless. I could never have imagined that you and Mrs Doughty had established such a thriving business, with all those girls saved from the streets and taken into employment. And how hard they work! I am all the more proud that you have taken me into your confidence and shall of course do all I can to help. I only hope that I may be able to contribute from afar, since we will be returning to Blindingham in April, as usual.

Fear not, Boo, I shall never let Josiah know of this. He dismissed my dreams of opening a school with such vehemence that I could not bear him to scorn this, too. I feel that the Highgate Press (I trust it is not indiscreet to write the name in a letter to you of all people) is as worthy as the school I planned. Oh, I am so excited at the thought of what we could do! Perhaps there would be a chance to add some schooling to the working day of our employees?

I shall be at the Press on Tuesday afternoon to meet you and Miss Doughty. You must feel such a freedom of movement now that LB is being cared for by a Nanny. I did tell Josiah that you had taken a servant experienced in caring for infants and he showed great interest. He wishes me to pass on his hope that the servant in question will guard LB with her life. I thought that a little over-emotional for him but it is a measure of the high regard in which he holds you.

As, of course, do I

Effie xx

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