Giving and Taking

B’grave Square January 15th 1852

I have finally been accepted into London Society – how proud Papa will be when I tell him that I have been invited to join a secret society of Lady Financiers! Mrs Doughty and Boo sent for me with such a curt little note that I was quite frightened of what they might have to say. After some delightful cakes and a jolly dandle with LB, they asked outright if I wanted to become a member of the Worshipful Society for the Relief of the Distressed. I am to sit at meetings, apparently, and determine whether or no some poor fallen soul should receive our help. I am convinced that my appearance at such honourable and worthy meetings will increase the number and quality of social invitations I receive, since it is in the way of things that powerful and generous people attract each other’s company. I shall write to Papa immediately and tell him his little Eff has become a bountiful Lady.

I have not told Josiah of my new inroads into London Life. He would not be happy at the prospect of my furnishing persons other than himself with funds, I am sure, even though they may be more deserving.

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