London Again!

24 Belgrave Square

October 22nd 1851

My Dear Dear Boo

We are neighbours once more! Josiah has found us the most exquisite set of rooms this year. We have improved on Brunswick Square, if such a thing were possible!

I am faint with excitement at the prospect of seeing you and Little Bradstone again. Do send word straight away to let me know when I may call. I have so much to tell you. We have brought more staff with us this year, which will mean I can entertain right royally, and Villiers is with us this winter. He is to act as Josiah’s business secretary but he will also oversee the other servants. So, I am to be a lady of leisure once more!

I am keen to be reunited with my London friends – do you think you might invite Mrs Doughty and Miss Guiser to tea when I come to see you? I do not wish to impose, Boo, but I would so love to see them again as soon as possible.

I want to reassure you that when you visit me in Belgrave Square – I have to pinch myself whenever I think of that as my address – that you will not be confronted by the Girl. Josiah has loaned her to an associate of his who found himself suddenly without staff. I have not see her since my arrival and am unlikely to, according to Josiah, since she is living in. She is to serve this man for the forseeable future and certainly while we are in Town. I am quite relieved to be without her, I do not mind admitting, and have sent for the old Girl to see to me. Fortunately she was quite free to come to us.

Write back immediately, Boo and we shall soon be together again – I cannot wait!


Effie x

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