B’ham Hall Sept 2nd 1851

Josiah insists that I am not to travel to London or Clacton alone. According to him, the entire countryside is alive with brigands and if I set off fully clothed I should arrive with only my petticoats intact. He will not come with me so I shall have to ask Villiers in his stead. Villiers is not my ideal companion, nor I his I imagine, but there is nothing else for it. I am determined, though, that the crook from the hotel shall come to the pawn shop with me. I want to be there when the owner points to him as the man who gave him my brooch in the first place.

Boo has calmed down enough to let me stay a night or two with her, so I must finish sewing the crib coverlet for LB before I go. Hopefully, it shall pacify them both. I trust she will not mind me arriving with staff on this occasion even though it will make me seem a little grand.

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