Dearest Boo

I am Lady Hatherwick again at last! We waved farewell to London with heavy hands – I do so miss you and your darling boy. But hear this, Boo – Mr Hatherwick is to throw a Summer Ball! I am indeed the luckiest wife in all the county. You are invited of course, along with your menfolk, and I shall send cards to everyone in Town.

Sadly, Mr Hatherwick is intending to invite some of the London bores he so esteems, but fear not – there will be plenty of distractions to keep the ladies amused. Little Bradstone will sleep like a prince in our nursery. It is the nursery Mr Hatherwick slept in when he was a baby and he said to assure you that he would love your boy to make use of it.

Do not say you cannot come, Boo or I shall send Villiers in the carriage to fetch you himself!

We have decided to dress the orangery – I have some fancy ideas since my visit to the Glass Palace and I know that you will die when you see it. I must fly now and make the first of a million plans before I collapse with excitement.

Watch for the post boy, Boo and give your little man a kiss


His Auntie Eff xx

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