Starting to say goodbye


I am to have another tea on Wednesday. The Coopers will be there, and Mrs Doughty and Miss Guiser. May you come? I would love to see you and now that you are out and about again you could make it a project for you and that darling boy of yours. Oh, do say you’ll come!

I cannot believe we have been here nearly six months and will be back off to Blindingham soon. I have had such an exciting time here. I shall insist to Mr Hatherwick that we come back to Brunswick Square in September.

Send word as soon as you can and I’ll have the old Girl set up a nursing chair for you. Mr Hatherwick will send the carriage if that’s best. I know he would love to see you just as much as I. He has yet to see Little Bradstone, don’t forget. I shall not take no for an answer, Boo!


E x

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