Taking Care

Dearest Boo

I’m sending yr gloves back with the Girl, as arranged. What a clever Boo you are to have hatched such a plot – let her wait a while in yr lobby and watch how she behaves. Then send her back to me carrying your handwritten verdict. She will be judged, and none the wiser for it.

If motherhood doesn’t suit, you might want to offer your services to the police!

Mr Hatherwick took a step back when he saw yr gloves on the hall stand. He asked most anxiously if you had called at Brunswick Square. I was surprised he knew them immediately to be yrs. He’s a man who notices such things, Boo, I am indeed blessed with such a husband.

I did not tell him of our fiendish plot, though. He seems quite blinkered when it comes to the Girl and is more lenient with her than I would like. It would vex him to know you were planning to assess her.

Here she comes, the lumpen booby, with her outdoor coat and her miserable face.

I shall hand her this note and despatch her to yrs straight away.

I am quite alive with the intrigue of it all!

Yr thoughts by return

Effie (of The Yard) x

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