Dearest Boo

I have informed Mr Hatherwick of the Girl’s predicament. He looked as astonished as anyone could.

He flew to her quarters and I heard an ungodly amount of raging from him, followed by her coming down the stairs at greater speed than she has managed for a month. She is to be sent back to Blindingham and kept there until her confinement, which I think, my own sweet Boo, is to be at a similar time as your own.

I am to be surrounded by dandling babies in the New Year, evidently.

I will not write more now. The Girl is making the most awful wailing noises and sniffling and I cannot think to set down my own thoughts. I must compose a note for the hapless booby’s poor mother to explain why she will not be receiving her daughter’s wage for a few months.

Call on Wednesday, Boo. Mrs Cooper and her daughter have promised to take tea with me and I should love to show you off to them. You are the most sophisticated of my friends and I know they will love you every bit as much as I do.

Effie x

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