What City, Friends, Is This?

My Dearest Boo,

We have taken rooms in Town for the Winter and you and I are to be neighbours! Soon the Hatherwicks shall be ‘at home’ to the very best visitors London can provide – I cannot wait for the day you and I can walk on the Heath and talk about old times. Dear Boo.

We are closing the Hall down, leaving only the necessary staff, and shall bring with us the very best servants in all of the County. We have a Man for the carriages, a Cook for the kitchen and a Girl for everything else. I asked for a Lady’s maid as well, but Mr Hatherwick thinks a Girl should suffice. No matter.

Boo, what of your plans for the Winter? Will you be dancing? Do you know all the best places to be seen, I am sure that you do. Oh, Boo – I can hardly breathe for the anticipation of it all!

This will be a short letter – the lad is already on our approach and I wish him to take it away with him, the sooner that you can start to plan our adventure!

Do write back, Boo, as soon as you can. We shall be leaving here on Saturday and arriving in London the day after. I shall want to see you immediately. As soon as Mr Hatherwick has established us in the rooms. He says he wants to settle the Girl in to her duties without delay and that I am to busy myself by filling up the social calendar. I am such a lucky wife!


Effie x

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